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At Renata, corporate social responsibility means caring for our employees, assisting disadvantaged members of our society, and building a sustainable community and environment. Details on our various initiatives can be found below.

Healthcare For Employees And Their Families

The Renata health program covers all permanent employees, their spouses, and children. This comprehensive program includes surgery, hospitalization, as well as routine doctor visits.

Expenditure during 2014

Type of Care Taka
General  11,848,266
Gynaecology  6,107,704
Diagnostic  5,726,071
Accident  4,024,917
Oncology  3,092,662
Cardiovascular  2,964,155
Diabetes  2,258,144
Gastroentology  1,484,568
Others  942,568
Total  38,449,055

Support To Charitable Organizations

JAAGO Foundation is a non-profit that works to provide education to children from socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Various support functions work to ensure the sustainable growth of their core schooling program as well contribute to improved livelihoods within affected communities.

Expenditure during 2014 Taka 500,000

Kaan Pete Roi is an emotional support helpline in Bangladesh.It is staffed by trained volunteers, where people can call to receive immediate emergency counseling. The mission of the helpline is to alleviate feelings of despair, isolation, distress, and suicidal feelings among members of the community, through confidential listening. The helpline is intended for suicide prevention and the promotion of mental health.

Expenditure during 2014 Taka 200,000

Mamm’s Institute of Fistula and Women’s Health as a charitable hospital is rendering free services to poor women of Bangladesh. In respect to this the organization is providing free medical services and training on fistula surgery, prolapse surgery, incontinence surgery etc.

Expenditure during 2014 Taka 200,000

Acid Survivor’s Foundation was formed in 1999 with the growing concern of the rising trend of acid violence in Bangladesh. Acid violence is a form of gender based violence that reflects and perpetuates the inequality of women in society.

Expenditure during 2014 Taka 100,000

Amader Pathshala is a social initiative for quality education of underprivileged children. It aims to deliver education, appropriate to their socio-economic condition and cultural make up. This means to make the lessons interesting to the children in the course of interaction, and to find out the ways continuing of their studies as the key challenges. This initiative is completely private financed and 100% of the donations are used directly for the student’s education.

Expenditure during 2014 Taka 100,000

The Poverty Fighter Foundation is a dedicated non-profit organization working to reduce poverty in Bangladesh. Renata supported their program aiming to empower children through education.

Expenditure during 2014 Taka 50,000

Organization Taka
Jaago Foundation 500,000
Kaan Pete Roi Foundation 200,000
Mamm’s Institute of Fistula and Women’s Health 200,000
Acid Survivor’s Foundation 100,000
Amader Pathshala 100,000
The Poverty Fighter Foundation 50,000
Total 1,150,000

Treatment For Doctors With Life-Threatening Illness

As in the past, Renata Limited continues to fund treatment for patients diagnosed with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

Expenditure during 2014

Name Title/Organization Taka
Prof. Dr. ASM Zakaria BSMMU 1,500,000
Dr. Shampa Biswas Medical Officer, Magura General Hospital 1,000,000
Dr. Md. Mahfuzur Rahman MBBS 500,000
Dr. Asma Feroz Dinajpur Medical College 500,000
Total 3,500,000

Scholarship For Meritorious Students

HOPES (Helping Organization for Promising and Energetic Students) runs a merit-based scholarship program for outstanding students. Through HOPES, Renata Limited sponsors students who would otherwise not be able to pursue a degree in Medicine.

Expenditure during 2014 Taka 100,000

Women’s Empowerment

On March 26, 2012, Wasfia Nazreen reached the summit of Mount Everest – the youngest person from Bangladesh and the first one-woman team from our country to ever do so. Renata continued to support her in her quest to be the first Bangladeshi to climb the Seven Summits.

Expenditure during 2014 Taka 2,500,000

Financial Assistance To Ex-Employees And Their Children

Renata Limited also provided financial assistance to ex-employees and their children.

Expenditure during 2014 Taka 250,000

Total CSR Expenditure Taka 45,949,055

2.67% Of Net Profit