Our Policy

As one of the leading manufacturer of pharmaceuticals & animal health products in Bangladesh, we are committed to conducting our business responsibly in the area of Environment, Health and Safety across all our operation sites by adopting the following principles:

  • To drive all the activities of Renata Limited In such a way that ensures Health & Safety for all and all Environmental issues are covered.
  • To abide by all local rules and regulations and standards of Health, Safety & Environment at highest level.
  • To follow standard Health, Safety & Environment procedures during manufacturing, supply and all management systems.
  • To work actively in order to protect the adverse effect on air, water, soil, natural resources and human health and to ensure continuous improvement to enhance health, safety & environmental performance.
  • To prevent Injuries and fatalities of all Renata employees and onsite contractors.
  • To consider all Health, Safety & Environment issues on all activities during new product development and to take necessary actions.
  • To integrate all Health, Safety & Environment initiatives and responsibilities in all actions of all employees.
  • To ensure support and implementation of all Health, Safety & Environment initiatives to allocate resources by associated managers.
  • To be responsible for implementing all Health, Safety & Environment policies and their execution personally in respective work areas by all
    management staffs and to recognize the achievers by top management.

Renata HSE Policy 2017