Renata has three manufacturing facilities in Mirpur, Dhaka which a 12-acre site. This site also homes the different warehouses, power plants and the corporate headquarters of Renata Limited.

The corporate headquarters of Renata Limited is located in Renata Park, a 3-acre Wi-Fi enabled woodland covered with wild trees, beautiful flowers, medicinal plants, and other frondescence. The key features of Renata Park are as follows:

Cogitation Zones (For quiet thinking): The two zones located under large shade trees are designed for serious, undisturbed thinking.

Deliberation Zone (For thinking out aloud): This zone has a three park-bench setup where people can sit under trees and discuss work-related issues.

Outdoor Conference Rooms: There are two outdoor conference rooms, viz., Kamranga Bithi and Kathal Bagan. These glass-ceilinged conference rooms are open from all sides.

BBQ Spot:  Near the outdoor conference rooms there is equipment for grilling kebabs, hamburgers, frankfurters, etc.

Walking Track: The undulating walking-track has a perimeter of 335 metres. Apart from walking on the track during lunch time or after work, employees are encouraged to hold “Peripatetic” meetings in an Aristotelian fashion. (NB: Aristotle allegedly was a “Peripatetic Lecturer,” in the sense that he used to walk with his students while teaching them)

Outdoor Gym:  A fully equipped gym is available to all employees of the company and their families.

Healing Circle: This circle is surrounded by a rich variety of medicinal plants. Employees are encouraged to relax here.

The Head Office building is energy efficient and environmentally friendly. It has been carefully designed to let in plenty of sunlight dispensing the need for artificial lighting on most days in many sections. At the centre there is a roofless courtyard which lets in sunlight and rainfall in the heart of the building. The artificial waterfall in the courtyard generates a soothing sound of water pouring audible to many parts of the office.

There is also a small terrace garden lined with exotic flowers and seating arrangements under large umbrellas.

A smart rain water collection and filtering system has been devised to serve the water needs of all the washrooms.

Liberal use of transparent materials creates an interactive, open, amicable and informal working environment. Each of the three floors of the building has a conference room equipped with high speed Wi-Fi Internet and state of the art devices for video and teleconferencing to all parts of the world.

The individual rooms in the office have ceiling mounted air-conditioners, while the common areas are served by air-handling units which deliver 10-15 air changes per hour, making the air inside the office healthy and fresh. Plenty of storage areas for files and small office equipments have been designed in such a way that is concealed from open view, keeping the aesthetic beauty of the office intact.

The staircase and the fully transparent lift have been placed by the side of the courtyard to create a feeling of travelling through nature. A ramp in the entrance of the office ensures disabled accessibility. The whole office is protected from possible fire hazards with state of the art fire detection and fighting system.

There is easy parking space for about 50 vehicles. The Drivers’ room fitted with an LCD TV is next to Renata Park.

The key features of the Head Office embody aspects of the Company’s culture, viz., having a deep respect for the environment, creating an informal working environment where ideas flow freely, and spending money intelligently as opposed to lavishly.