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Khalil Musaddeq
Director, Sales (Pharmaceutical)

Current Responsibilities

  • Director, Sales (Pharmaceutical)

Past Responsibilities

  • General Manager (Sales), Renata Limited(2011-2017)
  • National Sales Manager, Renata Limited(2006-2010)
  • Senior Regional Sales Manager, Renata Limited(2004-2005)
  • Regional Sales Manager, Renata Limited(2002-2003)
  • Senior District Sales Manager, Renata Limited(2001-2002)
  • District Sales Manager, Renata Limited(1997-2000)
  • Professional Service Manager, Renata Limited(1995-1996)
  • Senior Professional Service Representative, Pfizer Laboratory Limited(1992-1994)
  • Professional Service Representative, Pfizer Laboratory Limited(1986-1991)


  • MBA (App.)
  • Bachelor of Arts from University of Dhaka in 1985